Automatic Neck Cutting Machine For Blow Molding Containers ANCM-9000


Hi speed automatic bottle neck cutting machine for blow molding containers. Suitable for neck size between 10mm to100mm. Very easy to operate, operators skill not required.

Fully adjustable to any size between 15mm to 65mm.

Minimum production 9000pcs / 8hrs

Main advantage is, NO NEED to modify your existing mold, we can customize the machine for your needs.

Specification :

  • Minimum output 1200pcs per hour.
  • Size 2ft x 2ft x 4ft
  • Weight ~ 50Kgs
  • Power : Less than 60watts per hour (sixty only) (230V AC)
  • Pneumatics : Minimum 4bar air pressure.
  • Air consumption : Approx 35 NL/min

Video :