Lemon Cutting Machine

Our newly developed semi automatic Lemon Cutting Machine for pickle industry. Very compact and efficient. Fully operated by pneumatics hence the speed is incomparable with traditional motorized lemon cutters.

The number of slices is defined by customers, currently we are producing 6, 8, 10, 12 slices. 

It can accumulate lemon size between 1inch to 2.75inches, this is the size normally available in the market. Any special size can be done upon request.

The same machine can be also used to slice Citron. But then the blade and housing will be different, kindly inform before place your order. 

Specification :

  • Machine capacity 80Kg per hour.
  • Will slice lemon into 6, 8, 10, 12 pices
  • Used to slice Lemon and Citron
  • Using compressed air (6bar pressure)
  • All stainless steel blades and housing
  • Operating voltage 230V AC Single phase
  • Power consumption 0.75KW/hr

Salient features :

Machine runs with compressed air. One compressor with 135ltr capacity can operate two machines simultaneously. So the power consumption is just half the traditional lemon cutters.

Very less mechanical or moving parts resulted very low maintenance and service.

Can be operated with single phase domestic type inverter (60W) provide air pressure is not less than 5Bar.

Photo Gallery

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