Nuts Roasting Machine

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Aaram engineering solutions is the India's pioneer manufacturer of hot air blown nuts roasting machine. And the leading manufacturer for the category of small and cottage industry.

This machine can be used for Masala flavoring / mixing. Successfully doing chilly, pepper, honey, garlic, onion flavored roasting.

Operated only by electricity. No need for gas burner or other heating element.

Our Nuts Roasting Machine uses the state of art technology. It blows hot air into the nuts to be roasted. This method keeps the aroma fresh and the discoloring due to heat is avoided. Air roasted will tastes better than flame roasted.

We tested this machine with Navathaniams (Ground nut, Peanut, Custard, Pepper, Wheat, most of the nuts family...) to roast, the result is unbelievable. Customers can use our Roasting Machine to roast almost any nuts.


Below are the list of items successfully roasted or dried with our roasting machine.

1. Cashew Nut   9. Suji
2. Pea Nut , Ground Nut  10. Fennel
3. Almonds  11. Green grams or Mung bean
4. Areca nut  12. Mung dhal
5. Coriander Seeds  13. Fenugreek
6. Masala ingrediants  14. Flake Seeds, Sunflower Seeds
7. Palm Sugar ( to remove moisture)  15. Badham /Pista
8. Dried dates (used in mint fresheners)  


Salient features :

  • No labour to stir / mix the nuts
  • Uniform roasting on each and every nuts
  • Can be used for Masala flavored roasting
  • Comes with 1st grade heating coil
  • Digital timer upto 90 minutes
  • Digital controller for drum rotation 
  • Analog temperature controller
  • 15 seconds Buzzer sound to notify when roasting is done
  • Stainless steel trays, motor cover, and heater covers (***Optional)
  • Running with house electricity or domestic single phase EB connection
  • Very compact and efficient. (Smaller in size than a office table )

Machine Specification :

  • Machine capacity 10 Kg per loading.
  • Roasting time for cashew nut (size 320) is about 25~30mins
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Equipped with digital timer and analog temperature controller
  • Operating voltage 230 V AC Single phase
  • Power consumption 3000 W/hr
  • Drum rotation speed 12 RPM
  • Machine size 3ft x 2ft x 4ft
  • Machine weight approx 65 kG

Click here to download roasting machine brochure.

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